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Welcome to an exciting little space where I am free to be myself with no social media rules, regulations or restrictions. It's never my intention to get deleted from online profiles but it has happened quite a few times now when I've been topless fundraising and posted cheeky workout videos in bikinis. So here I can actually let my hair down, chat and get to know you all a little better and show you the fun loving, uncensored side of me that very few get to see!


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April, 18, 2017

Read My Erotic Trilogy

April, 18, 2017

Read My Erotic Trilogy

Did you know that I love writing? I was first published for my poetry at the age of 12 and went on to study Higher English Language & Literature as a student before writing five books - three of which are my erotic trilogy which runs in the order of: Traces Of Me followed by Traces Of You and finally Traces Of Us

My 'Traces Of...' series is a play on my name, Tracy, because I wanted to show the world how I changed from a shy and insecure girl into a sexually-confident woman. These books are based on my own sexual experiences and real life events which has left a lot of men hot under the collar and women exasperated over how similar they've felt in relationships and readers have reported back that it's better than watching porn because they feel as though they're in it! I'm so pleased that men and women alike have enjoyed my trilogy which is a real-life Fifty Shades Of Grey just with anal sex, pubs, make-ups and breakups. (Ex-boyfriends please look away now!) It's certainly not for the faint hearted!

My books are available on Amazon and Smashwords for download to devices as well as printed in soft back at CreateSpace.

Feel free to read the online comments and feedback to see what others think, here's a short description of the first book in the series, Traces Of Me:

As April approaches her thirtieth birthday she finally meets the love of her life but it comes at a cost; an artisanal and honest open-hearted tongue-in-cheek account of finding true love in a world now overruled by beauty, social media and selfies.

From ugly duckling to elegant swan infused with orgasms, arguments and endearment; this is a journey to captivate and consume men and women alike. Stir your soul and hold on tight for a modern day Bridget Jones meets Fifty Shades rendition that is not for the faint hearted. 

A tale to both bless and haunt you forever.


April, 18, 2017

Official Merchandise

April, 18, 2017

Official Merchandise

I'm super excited to introduce you to my Team Kiss clothing line and hope that you'll join my positive family of worldwide friends united by love and kindness regardless of age, race, gender or politics. We're a team! And I hope you'll wear a t-shirt, cap, bag or hoodie with pride.

Here's a little snapshot of my shop which is displayed with each item in white but if you click into what you like there are a whole variety of sizes and colours available to choose from. I'd love it if you take a selfie wearing #TeamKiss and tag me on social media so that I can see it - please share my shop with your friends and family too for the next time they're in need of a new t-shirt or two!


April, 18, 2017

Limited Edition Signed Photos / Autograph

April, 18, 2017

Limited Edition Signed Photos / Autograph

As I've had many requests for my autograph and signed photos I have just 100 of each of these three limited edition postcards for sale priced at a members-only £5.99/$7.60 each. These postcards are not available to the public and when they're gone they're gone forever so if you want one then please drop me a message for further details.

These photos are taken from a photoshoot that I had in 2015 before I had the majority of my tattoos and as a result my Playboy hip tattoo is still visible here. Each postcard comes posted in an envelope with my autograph and a hand written message on the back which can be personalised e.g. "Happy Birthday Mike" etc. or I'm happy to surprise you with my own words! Just tell me what you'd like :)

These glossed postcards have been professionally printed and are of a high quality but their sheen makes them rather difficult to photograph! The options I have available for purchase are:

From left to right: 'Shirt & Petals' 'Starwars' and 'Petals & Thong'





It's all just a click away!