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Welcome to an exciting little space where I am free to be myself with no social media rules, regulations or restrictions. It's never my intention to get deleted from online profiles but it has happened quite a few times now when I've been topless fundraising and posted cheeky workout videos in bikinis. So here I can actually let my hair down, chat and get to know you all a little better and show you the fun loving, uncensored side of me that very few get to see!


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November, 26, 2016

Lots Coming Up!

November, 26, 2016

Lots Coming Up!

Sooooooo guys we're one month into my new website and I hope that you're enjoying the content so far. As with every new project it's a case of finding my feet and seeing what works which is why your input and feedback is absolutely invaluable to me. 

The idea was to originally post a topless or nude art photo each month costing £10/$12 if you purchase a years subscription. I did this for charity - you may have seen my topless fundraising - where I raised £10,000/$12,500 this year to help a load of great causes along with climbing mountains, conquering my fear of drowning, running, cycling and taking on fitness challenges. As with everything I do I am entirely transparent and showed every fundraising total, every cheque presentation and didn't take a penny for myself, if anything I was out of pocket from having to spend so much time, effort and travel to meet with the charities, fundraise and deliver food to the homeless which took weeks. 

So after my topless charity fundraising ended I continued to get emails and messages asking if I sell modelling photos which is why I started this site for members only. Social media doesn't allow adult content so this is a space where I can pile it altogether and continue to grow.

I was a topless model at the age of 18 before having my two children which I've now started to get back into. Despite being 29 I'm not trying to be a teenager again, I don't want to ruin my kids lives and bring shame upon my family, I just appreciate the female form, love photography and find topless and nude art very beautiful and expressive. To briefly explain nude art, or the level of nudity that I am comfortable with, to me nude art is being naked without showing what's between your legs. Yes I have no clothes on but I won't ever show my breakfast, there's a strategically placed hand, leg or item in the way to maintain modesty.

I don't think I have the best body in the world, I don't think I'm incredibly attractive, young or flawless, I just enjoy celebrating the female form and hope you do too. Sometimes I look fat, sometimes I have rubbish hair and other times a bit of makeup and nice lighting can go a long way. I'm not perfect and I hope you won't try to judge me on that basis, I'm simply trying to answer your requests for modelling photos and content.

So let's take a look at my content, I'm not a stripper, I'm not a cam girl, I'm not a porn star, drug addict or available for hire in any shape or form - I've had some very wild and wonderful requests which I graciously decline. I have a heart and soul and don't live for money and greed, but I'm a hard working single parent supporting my two children and trying to make the best of life. I ask that you please treat me with respect, kindness and love and in turn I will do the same. Any negativity or abuse will not be tolerated.

I'm about to begin a video call option whereby I can speak face to face with my members and get to know you all, give you fitness advice, nutrition or just talk about life, interests and whatever you want. There will be no nudity involved, if you wouldn't say it or do it in front of your own mother then don't attempt it with me because you'll be struck off! Please respect me as a woman, a personal trainer and mother and whilst I know that my photos may be provocative please deal with that in your own time.

I'm working incredibly hard at the moment filming TV shows, having surgery and shortly about to begin bodybuilding for my first bikini contest and I'm over the moon to share that with you all. My website here is just beginning and will continue to grow with content, ideas and updates on what I'm up to and how you can get involved. I've had a few people mention the price of a subscription and how it seems quite high at $25 a month but I need you to understand that the hosting and fees cost money before I've even done anything. If you pay on a month-by-month basis then the transaction fee is high, if you purchase a years subscription then it's only processed the once and as a result its almost half the price at just $12 a month which is the same as a burger and a beer or a pack of cigarettes. I can't do anything about price I'm afraid, it's already lower than the rest of the industry and will in time rise, so if you want a deal then please sign up for the year and it will only get bigger and better.

If you're expecting a stock of porn, slutty videos and dirty talk for a few dollars then you have me totally mistaken and this really isn't for you. This is an insight into my life and growth as a worldwide media personality and I hope that you can see me for the hard working and honest woman that I am. I look forward to getting to know you all x x x x x 


October, 25, 2016

Welcome All!

October, 25, 2016

Welcome All!

Hello and welcome to my brand new site - I hope you're as excited as I am to see what I've been up to as I've had great fun capturing these images for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback and hope that you'll give me some cool ideas for future photoshoots too. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and the things that you like best.

I'll also be posting pictures here from my Amazon Wishlist of everything I receive. So take a look around, have fun and welcome to my world! x X x



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